High Velocity Edge Networking Services

What services does HVENS provide?
What’s in Scope and what is the ISP responsible for?​

The ISPs obtain their ASN number and IP space from a broker and pays for ARIN membership/dues.

Richweb can assist with the documentation and process to get these going. This ensures the ISP owns the space and can take it / sell it if or with if they want.

HVENS manages all BGP routing that a customer needs to do, all peering relationships, and internal routing. HVENS will engineer failover as requested by the customer (dual circuits, multi-path, load balancing, etc).

HVENS can provide (sell or lease) a managed switch/router at the interconnect points (typically a substation, tower or office) to terminate the 1G/10G/100G connection back to Pixel.

HVENS provides A10 clustered load balancer for carrier grade NAT and local ipv4/ipv6 routing for customers that do NOT need CGNAT services on the local handoff switch/router (Commercial, business)

HVENS provides DHCP services for customer addressing and logging as needed

HVENS provides and manages fast DNS caches for customers

A10 is the industry leading CGN provider with support for universal plug and play protocols (Xbox just works).

HVENS services include network monitoring and support for fiber and routing issues along with static IP address allocation for business customers (end customers).

HVENS services also include support for CALEA and DMCA responses.

Does HVENS provide DDOS mitigation?

Yes, RTBL (real time blackhole – drop traffic) of individual IPs can be executed as part of the built-in service (BGP) and with our A10 appliances we can add in finer grained DDOS protection and traffic scrubbing.

HVENS Optional Servies:

Malware identification and suppression (DNS based). This helps manage customer infections before they get IPs blacklisted, cause reputational harm, legal issues, operational overhead expenses and/or waste your bandwidth.

Help with internal/scada/telemetry network design routing / firewalling, etc if needed/desired. VPNs (Ipsec/DMVPN) as well as failover.

PixelFactory provides rack space and colo services. HVENS configures the switching and routing to be able to support replication and failover to DR environments if desired at Pixel Factory.

Typically customers will have us host the management vms for Calix CMS and related services. We can be primary or a hot standby environment (failover).

If you run out of space we have extra reserve capacity for NAT pools.

Call us if you have questions or problems !

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What else? If you don’t see it hear, it doesn’t mean it’s not provided or available. Please Ask.

Richweb/HVENS is SOC2 type 2 audited every year by KirkpatrickPrice Compliance Audit Services

Richweb is an A10 Reseller and your HVENS pricing will be the most competitive available