High Velocity Edge Networking Services

HVENS is a Richweb innovation IT solution for ISPs.  HVENS is plug and play IAAS (Infrastructure as a Service), delivering carrier grade ISP services; CGN, BGP, OSPF, Automated IP Provisioning (IPV4 / IPV6 / Private IPs /DHCP), and DNS at a fraction of the cost of developing building and maintaining these services in house.

HVENS primary hosting center is the Pixel Factory in Ashland, Virginia, co-located with a DE-CIX Internet Exchange point. HVENS location enables direct peering with other ISPs in your area, co-location with NETFLIX, Google, Akamai and other content aggregators and CDNs.

Our Infrastructure is robust, redundant, and hardened

Our network is built for the future and designed to deliver the best services for tomorrow​

HVENS is a rapidly deployable Solution ready to provision bandwidth and services for 1G bps to 200Gbps ISP networks.

HVENS infrastructure is assembled with 4 discrete sub-network components that fit together like Lego bricks. This design allows upgrades without affecting other areas or requiring re-investment in equipment (hardware or software). In addition to allowing smoother migrations and scaling capabilities it delivers H/A (high availability) features in each piece of the network separately.

Part of A Most Effective and Efficient Rural Broadband Public/ Private Coalition Solution

HVENS Gold Standard Service