High Velocity GPON Rural Broadband
For Virginia Electric CoOps

    • Reaches 5 of 6 (83%) of Virginia Counties with 0% Broadband Served

    • Reaches 19 of 30 (63%) of Virginia Counties with 1% or less Broadband Served

    • Reaches 42 of 60 (70%) of Virginia Counties with 20% or less Broadband Served

    • Only 3 counties with over 50% Broadband served (doesn’t expend resources and money where it’s not needed)

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High Velocity GPON Rural Broadband
For Virginia Electric CoOps

    • Gigabit-capable Passive Optical Network (GPON) Gold Standard FTTH Service

    • Coops will need a fiber communication network to support Smart Grid

      • Both Networks Use the same fiber that will ring substations for CoOp telemetry and Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) networks

    • Rapid Engagement (Pre Planned) No plant build out 18+ Months saved

    • Minimize Startup Costs – No Plan/Design/Plant costs – Millions in Savings

    • Day 1 Infrastructure – 1 to 100GB Supported

    • ISP Neutral or Integrated ISP Options


Virginia Electric CoOp – High Velocity GPON Broadband

  • Ecosystem Approach                                                                                         

  • No Study / Planning Expenses (2 models with all costs)

  • Accelerated Deployment

  • All Partners do what they do best in parallel

  • ISP Experts (look for)

    • Fiber to premise capability

    • Calix Deployment (or other SDN deployable networks)

    • ISP Services

  • Potential VA wide Fiber Rings with substations (shared)

    • Enables FTTH Internet

    • Electric Service Data Network Upgrade

  • NFV Environment

    • Repeatable Scalable 100GB + Ready

  • Internet Exchange Enhancement

  • Peering, Routing, Switching Experts


Eco System of High Speed FTTH


    • Gold Standard Internet

    • Home / property values increase

    • New business opportunities

    • Telework and School access

    • Competition to deliver other services (Wifi / 5G / Cable) more likely to engage and engage sooner

    • Workforce Training NEAT Rack IT Program for local high schools and Community Colleges – Next Generations Workforce